The Hidden Beach In Arizona With Clear Waters That Rival The Caribbean

Why jet overseas when we have a breathtaking tropical oasis right here in the desert? Butcher Jones Recreation Site in Arizona has pristine waters that rival the Caribbean, and it deserves a top spot on your Arizona bucket list. Check it out:

To access the recreation site from Mesa, take State Highway 87 for 27 miles before turning right on Forest Road 204. Follow that for two miles until you see FR-166, on which you’ll turn left. Keep going for two more miles until arrival.

For more information, visit the park’s website.

Have you ever been to Butcher Jones Recreation Site? What’s your favorite hidden beach in Arizona? Here are some of ours: The Hidden Beaches Road Trip That Will Show You Arizona Like Never Before.

Address: E Butcher Jones Beach Rd, Fort McDowell, AZ 85264, USA

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The OIYS Visitor Center

Butcher Jones Recreation Site in Arizona

March 13, 2021

Where are some beaches in Arizona?

Well, considering Arizona is a land-locked state in the Sonoran Desert, we have to be a bit generous about what we call a “beach”. Arizona is home to many lakes (and only two of them, Flagstaff’s Mormon Lake and Sedona’s Stoneman Lake, are natural and not man-made). The shores of these lakes can definitely take on a beachy feel on the best days, and we feel like the best days are definitely the ones when there are few crowds to contend with! Some of our favorite lake-beaches in Arizona include the shores of Lake Havasu, the banks of the Colorado River in Yuma, and quieter places like Cattail Cove State Park. Sure, the lakes are all man-made, but trust us when we say they’re beautiful and you won’t notice a difference!

Where is Tonto National Forest in Arizona?

The Tonto National Forest is 2.9 million acres of beautiful, natural preserve. It’s the seventh-largest national forest in the US, and the landscape changes depending on which part of it you visit. About 51 miles east of Phoenix, it begins as a beautiful desert with enormous, proud saguaro cacti, but it eventually transitions into breathtaking mountains and valleys as you move further northeast.

What are some hidden gems in Arizona?

Arizona is full of strange, hidden gems that not even the locals appreciate enough. For example, in southern Arizona, there’s a bizarre roadside attraction known only as THE THING?, and for a dollar, you can see THE THING and learn exactly what it is. Of course, we’re not going to give it away here! Arizona is also home to thousands of miles of hiking, many trails for which are criminally underrated. There are also awesome places like lesser-known zoos, like Wildlife World Zoo, in far-west Phoenix. Craving more weird roadside awesomeness? Check this article out. 

Address: E Butcher Jones Beach Rd, Fort McDowell, AZ 85264, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.